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Global Meat Think Tank

GMTT is an organization that unites meat research companies or individuals from different countries around the world to form a global network of meat data research centers to provide excellent services to customers worldwide.

GMTT's current membership includes several of the leading private data companies, experts and professional consulting firms in the meat industry in Asia Pacific, North America, Australia, and South America, with a focus on China. As a consortium, GMTT now has the world's largest and most comprehensive meat database and industry information capabilities.

GMTT and its members provide think tank support to more than 2,000 companies, governments and research organizations in more than 60 countries around the world in the areas of government reporting, meat international trade, production, farming, financial services and data analysis.



Simon Quilty

Managing Director of MLX Pty

Global pork glut may become an 'overnight' deficit

African Swine Flu could change global meat dynamics


Liu Xiaofeng

Managing Director of MIG

Trade strategies under the epidemic- seeking possibilities in uncertainty


Lygia Pimentel

Agrifatoo CEO

Brazilian macroeconomic trends and its effects over beef exports to China


Wang Tao

Managing Director of MIG

Twelve hour of imported beef in China: the period of Yin, everything rises under the sun


Rafael Tardaguila         

Editor of WBR

China pressures to load; demand remains firm

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It is located in four continents and brings together the industry network of the world's most important production and sales regions, so that we can have a better insight into the global industry changes and opportunities.


In China alone, we have served embassies, associations and international businesses in more than 20 countries. By giving full play to the influence and credibility of the third party in the industry and creating a good space for exchanges and transactions between the industry and enterprises, we have fully won the trust of the market and partners.

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