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GMTT has experience in the global meat protein industry. More than 5 organizations and 20 professionals from major producing and consuming regions of the world can help customers in the meat industry solve most of their meat trading problems. This includes policy, trade, finance, production, farming, asset acquisitions, and most of the problems that the global meat protein industry faces today.

GMTT not only provides customers with ideas and reference data, but also uses a global network of relationships to shape viable solutions until they are solved. GMTT is already a global leader in meat protein verticals.

Research And Analysis

GMTT has the most comprehensive meat protein database in the world, including the capacity of major production areas, animal indicators, trading prices of appellation and international trading prices. And GMTT members cover the entire field of animal protein major players. Processing plants, ranches, exporters, importers, retailers, and large chain restaurants are the customers GMTT has long served and contacted. GMTT has an in-depth understanding of the key indicators and data in these chains.

After a long period of accumulation, GMTT's industry experience and analytical capabilities enable us to conduct in-depth research in some industries and fully combine global database to make some predictions on output, trade volume and price.

GMTT publishes more than 1,000 meat industry reports worldwide each year, including data, analysis, and our perspective. These have become key elements of industry decision making.


This includes ranches, fattening farms, slaughterhouses and some upstream services. We help them enter the market more quickly, know about the local policy and market situation in time, and provide data support and industry analysis in the place of production.

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This includes exporters, importers and export sectors of plants and ranches. We help them understand the international market in the first place, and provide effective business intelligence to make international transactions under control.

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Government Agencies

As a consultant to government agencies, GMTT can always suggest the most effective solutions and provide the truest picture of the market to help agencies and the government know about the current problems in the market. At the same time, as an industry expert, GMTT is able to provide market-consistent information and advice to government agencies from a business perspective.

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Investors And Investment Institutions

GMTT has a rich experience of the industry, which can help investors quickly understand the global profile of the entire industry and analyze and study investment strategies and targets, so that investors can find target assets more quickly and efficiently, and avoid unnecessary risks.

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Business Survey


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Take root locally and think globally

With the global industry network resources, give the industry new momentum

GMTT’s global offices support almost every source and location of animal protein, and the territory continues to grow. Customers can submit a commercial visit to the meat protein industry chain in any of the countries covered by GMTT

GMTT supports in-depth visits and surveys throughout the entire industry chain. Based on customer needs, we can support the investigation of investment types, transaction needs and 

Research nature.

The scope of the survey is also based on GMTT's deep resource circle in the industry, including ranches, slaughterhouses, processing plants, packaging plants, traders, exporters, importers, wholesalers, retailers and financial institutions supporting the meat protein industry.