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About GMTT

We are committed to uniting the world's most professional meat industry professionals and companies to become a think tank to support the development of the global meat industry. GMTT's members serve more than 2,000 businesses, organizations and individuals worldwide.

GMTT was founded in 2014 by several global private meat consultancies. In 2020, GMTT member institutions formally signed GMTT Agreement to the world's leading producer and consumer of meat protein consultancy and database together, formally established GMTT and formed a multinational database network in order to form the ability of global service.

The GMTT organization is comprised of experts and institutions with extensive industry experience in various countries. Its core members include Meat International Group in the Asia-pacific Region, MXL Pty in Oceania, Tardaguila in South America and Agrifatto in Brazil. These organizations have extensive local influence and many years of industry experience, serving local and global businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations.

GMTT is a leader in the global meat protein database and can support complex and professional meat program research and investigations. At the same time, GMTT also has a wide range of industry resources and coordination capabilities, industry analysis, production and processing, mergers and acquisitions, agricultural finance and international trade strategy to provide support to customers.

GMTT is committed to becoming the most authoritative meat think tank in the world, connecting the global animal protein market and providing power for the healthy and efficient development of the global animal protein market.

Teams And Experts


 Simon Quilty                  

MD of MLX Pty Ltd

Location: Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia

Mr. Simon Quilty is an independent global beef analyst with more than 30 years of industry experience. He is an expert in global beef and U.S. market research and has a unique insight into global trade trends.

 Lygia Pimentel                 

Agrifatoo CEO,Brazil agricultural consultant

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Ms. Lygia Pimentel was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, focused on cattle farming and crops, and graduated from the University of Maria in veterinary medicine. Since 2007 she has been a consultant to the Brazilian agricultural market, planning, implementing and maintaining risk analysis for ranchers and companies in the industry.​

 Rafael Tardaguila           

Editor of WBR

Location: Montevidoe, Uruguay

Rafael Tardaguila is editor of WBR, a leading South American industry news agency. He is a graduate of the University of the Republic of Uruguay. Since 1991, He has been engaged in agricultural market analysis. He has been an agricultural market analyst since 1991 and is director of Tardaguila Agromercados to provide consulting and analysis focusing on agricultural market, especially beef market, to global industry users.

 Huishan Wang                 

Analyst of MIG

Location: Shanghai, China

Ms. Wang Huishan graduated from The International School of Management in Dortmund, Germany, majoring in applied mathematics. She is very sensitive to data and good at model building and data analysis. She joined MIG in 2020. Her research interests include international meat trade data analysis and forecasting and trade consulting.

 Gerrard Liu                     

Managing director of MIG

Location: Shanghai, China

Mr. Liu Xiaofeng holds a master's degree. He has worked at fortune 500 companies The Home Depot and General Mills, and has over 50,000 tons of practical experience in the global meat trade. He joined MIG in 2012 and has extensive experience in the international trade and processing of global beef.

 Tao Wang                       

Managing director of MIG

Location: Shanghai, China

Mr. Wang Tao holds a master's degree in economics and has worked for COFCO Trust and Jingdong Finance. He has experience in supply chain finance and the ability to integrate and implement supply chain projects. He focuses on the development of industry-finance integrated solutions and industry standardization capabilities.

 Yang Binbin                     

President of Youdingte Research Institute

Location: Beijing, China

Dr. Binbin Yang used to be the director of Bureau of Import and Export Food Safety of AQSIQ and the general Manager of New Hope Group Technology Management Center. He has been engaged in the research, supervision and practice of food and agricultural products processing and international trade for a long time. He has tracked and studied the international supply chain of meat for a long time. He has rich theoretical and practical experience in the production and processing of meat, quality safety, inspection and quarantine, customs supervision, international business and other aspects.

 Yang Miao                      

Managing director of MIG

Location: Dalian, China

Mr. Miao Yang holds a bachelor of Business Administration degree. He worked for Terra Firma capital, the second largest private equity fund in the UK. He operated CPC Ranching in Australia into the Chinese market and has more than 7 years of experience in the meat import industry in China.

Dejun Huang                  

Chairman and founder of CnAgir

Special Director of National Rural Industry Integration Development Alliance

Executive Director of China Society of Agricultural Risk Management

Location: Beijing, China

Economics master of Nankai University, bachelor of Southwest Agricultural University. Clients include ADM, Bunge, Cargill, Louis Dreyfus Company, CJ Group, RABO BANK NEDERL-ANDS, Mitsui & CO., Pfizer, Legend Holdings, CITIC Securities, Sequoia Capital, Shunxin Agriculture, Longping High-tech, COFCO International, China Resources Group, MUYUAN, etc.




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